We had warned you about the miners’ bluff and we are hoping that you needed it. Gold is still checking out the neck degree of the top-and-shoulders sample, however, silver is already returned at its 2019 lows, at the same time as miners broke decisively below them. It can also appear that the miners have declined enough and that a rebound is forthcoming from those degrees. Should you maintain your breath? Are we on a doorstep of a tradable rebound, or it ain’t right here simply yet?
To solution that, let’s flip to two analytical gemstones which have served us so nicely within the past. Not as soon as, but normally.
We would love to factor your attention to 2 factors that verify that the following circulate decrease is going to be big. Yes, we understand which you already realize that as we provided myriads of information ahead, but searching at the situation from a fresh attitude and seeing new signals makes it less difficult to be patient earlier than the circulate gathers real momentum.
The first of them is the evaluation of the silver stocks, and the second is the evaluation of the popularity of 2 key seek phrases for the gold marketplace. Let’s begin with the former.

We have drastically commented at the silver shares on April three (in our top class evaluation) and on April 8 (in our unfastened analysis), when we emphasized that their each day decline on massive extent was the harbinger of something very bearish to happen. Let’s quote what we wrote back then – it’ll also serve as a brief advent to the ones, who haven’t examine the early-April evaluation. We will make the simplest small adjustments in the quote because nearly the whole lot that we wrote remains up-to-date and keeps to have a crucial impact on the subsequent weeks and months.
Gold fee commonly actions in song with the silver rate, and silver shares normally move in tune with silver. The sizes of the movements aren’t equal, but the turnarounds frequently take place at the same time. The charge actions are similar enough to mention that the big movements will take vicinity on the equal time, however, they may be exclusive enough for the markets to offer one of a kind indicators. At times, one market may lead to an alternative. There will also be different particular capabilities and in these days’ analysis, we’ll awareness on considered one of them.
Namely, we’re going to speak about the large day by day volume spikes. And specifically, we’re going to awareness on days when the silver miners (have been using the SIL ETF as a proxy for the arena) declined on large volume. There had been pretty some such days on the grounds that early 2016 and they were nearly all characterized by using analogous charge movement – now not only inside the case of silver miners but also within the case of gold.
To put it virtually, gold typically took a dive after silver miners declined on a big extent.
The above doesn’t display the performance, nor the severity of the sign, even though.
As far as efficiency is concerned [note: we are leaving the numbers as they were in early April – we will comment on the update later in a few paragraphs], there have been 19 signals and 15 of them had been true (or remarkable) shorting opportunities. In two instances, it turned into unclear if it became an excellent shorting opportunity or no longer. There had been best two instances whilst the sign clearly failed: in December 2016 and in December 2018.
[None of the failed signals is similar to the current case as silver stocks are neither after a breakout nor after a several-month-long decline, so let’s consider the neutral signals]
One of them turned into mid-July 2016 case where the marketplace moved better one greater time earlier than forming the very last pinnacle, and the alternative one become the September 2018 situation, when the marketplace moved lower within the near term, but that become definitely the begin of a bigger upleg. One case changed into an excellent shorting possibility inside the medium time period, however, a bad one within the near time period and the other case changed into the opposite. None of them surely invalidated the sign, however, to be conservative, we will say that only one extra case confirmed the signal, even as the opposite one didn’t. This means that [based on information that was available in early April] we get the remaining performance of 84.2% (sixteen out of 19). That’s exceptionally high efficiency and…
That’s now not the whole thing.
You see, the very recent fee/quantity movement in silver stocks changed into no longer average. It changed into unique.
There are two reasons for it:

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