A New Sweden is an organization hoping to show Swedish style on its head, by way of making garments from Swedish wool – eighty-two % of that’s commonly destroyed.
The enterprise, founded by Lisa Bergstrand, produces all of its clothes in Sweden, using completely Swedish substances, no chemical substances, and no other plastic substances, meaning there are no micro-plastic pollutants.
The driving pressure in the back of the creation of A New Sweden turned into “bipolar” fashion industry, says Bergstrand.
“On the only hand there is a lot of verbal exchange around making garments in an extra sustainable manner, however each emblem that talks approximately sustainability will nevertheless make garments from substances which have a bad effect at the environment – which includes polyesters or polyester blends,” says Bergstrand. “These businesses will nevertheless attempt to promote at the least 4 collections of garb a year, lots of which nevertheless makes its way to landfill, or worse, the incinerator.”
There’s a number of opposition within the sustainable fashion market, however, Bergstrand insists most manufacturers most effective tackle one or two troubles, instead of being sustainable inner and out.
“Consumers commonly don’t dive a whole lot deeper into the topic than the advertising and marketing messages that the manufacturers placed out.”
The agency is based totally in Norrfjärden, a small town inside the very north of Sweden wherein Bergstrand comes from. A New Sweden, consistent with Bergstrand, has a perspective that cuts via the noise.

Bergstrand based the corporation in 2017 with a vision to no longer compromise on sustainability. “I had worked for labels who had touted their sustainable credentials, but once I regarded nearer I saw that lots could have been performed higher. “While the sustainable style marketplace is inundated, I don’t trust all people is doing it in a manner that goes some distance enough, and it is for that reason that we desired to venture into it.”
A New Sweden constructed its very own supply chain to assure first-class and sustainability of its products, however doing so created an “actual assignment”.
“Finding local manufacturers and factories that are willing to method the small amounts we are beginning with has also been tough,” explained Bergstrand. “But the demanding situations are made profitable with the aid of our network of clients who’re captivated with what we are looking to do.”
The organization makes a specialty of sourcing wool that would in any other case be destroyed. “Wool is considered a spinoff, and sheep farmers typically handiest earn cash from selling the meat. But Swedish wool is a lot less expensive to use than from Australia, New Zeeland or South America because we don’t just ship it.
“There are a few tasks in Sweden to take better care of our wool so hopefully it’ll change, but I assume it’s a protracted manner left until we can use all wool Sweden produces.”
Bergstrand hopes to encourage other Swedish fashion labels to apply Swedish wool rather than importing it from New Zealand, Australia, and South America as is currently the norm.
New Sweden intends to construct its collection out, sticking to its “slow fashion” technique. The emblem creates one piece 12 months, with Bergstrand saying this sort of craftsmanship is the “simplest way” to make sure the garments are produced to the corporation’s great.
“Additionally, we intend for every new garment to exhibit innovation in what is possible with the neighborhood, herbal materials. For example, our first version represents the primary time a jersey turned into ever crafted from Swedish wool. For the next collection, we’re looking at taking what we learned from the first garment, however making it wind and waterproof against carrying out like a technical garment, but without the use of plastics or chemicals in its manufacture.”

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