CHENNAI: The new red buses launched by way of the Metropolitan Transport Corporation in three stages considering the fact that October 2018, changing nearly 10% of the getting older fleet, are a massive hit amongst commuters within the metropolis.
Despite capable of seat 8 human beings fewer than the antique buses that have 46 seats, the 300 new buses, with broader seats and better leg space, are drawing greater commuters and generating extra revenue, suggests reliable data.
More than 55% of these buses are operated in south Chennai, especially alongside OMR or the IT hall where there aren’t any train offerings beyond Thiruvanmiyur/Taramani. Every day, a new bus in this stretch generates Rs eleven,500-Rs 12,000 in revenue via price tag income even as an antique one collects Rs 1,000 much less. In simple phrases, a brand new bus has a mean everyday footfall of greater than 900 against 750 for a vintage bus.
This information reiterates findings by means of diverse studies by means of delivery groups that MTC is the preferred mode of public shipping and that more passengers will choose it if buses are in higher form and more punctual. But is MTC equipped to just accept the task?
Most passengers say the price ticket cost is a primary problem. Nataraj of Thiruvanmiyur stated, “Almost all of the new buses are operated as deluxe offerings (constrained bus stops) charging 1.5 times more than ordinary services. It will be higher if some are operated as ordinary buses which could pick up and drop passengers in all bus stops.”
MTC authorities in reaction say it’ll be economically unviable to perform them as regular offerings but appear optimistic that the appearance of four hundred more buses inside the near future, more passengers could migrate again to buses.
Migration to trains and share vehicles occurred soon after the kingdom transport department expanded bus fares by 67% in January 2017. From 42 lakh, the average each day footfall in MTC buses reduced to 35 lakh, says records. MTC then rationalized operations, specializing in routes in which the demand is high and retaining top of the line service stage in different regions.

CHENNAI: Parents of nation board Class XII college students should spend Rs 610 greater for one set of books in biology institution as the school schooling branch has revised the textbooks for the first time in 13 years. Aimed at preparing students for aggressive assessments which include NEET and JEE, the books have emerged as thicker with at the very least 100 extra pages for each difficulty. The books, which had been published in black and white until final yr, had been printed in color for the first time. They additionally have capabilities like QR codes.
“The number of pages inside the textbooks have almost doubled. We are also printing the books on excessive best paper (80 GSM stylish printing paper) to permit the students to test QR codes the usage of phones or different devices,” officials instructed TOI. The costs of the books have been remaining revised in 2014. Class XII textbooks were once printed on lots lower pleasant 60 GSM cream wove paper.

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