John Hogan, Peter Purcell Memorial, St. Mary’s Pro-cathedral, Dublin
Memorial inside the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin to Peter Purcell, with the aid of John Hogan.
The highway provider location being built at Halverstown in the interim is replicating an equal carrier which becomes in vicinity inside the vicinity two hundred years ago, writes Brian Byrne.
It is being built at the unique demesne lands of the previous Halverstown House, which turned into a coach forestall on the street from Dublin to Waterford and Cork inside the early part of the 19th century.
Halverstown House was also the County Kildare domestic of Peter Purcell, who ran that mail train service and whose own family apparently made a donation towards the supply of a Joshua Clarke stained glass window in Kilcullen Parish Church. Peter Purcell died in 1846.
A post in Irish Waterways History records that Purcell changed into ‘the finest mail-instruct operator in Ireland, hotelier, teach-builder, promoter of agricultural improvement, a lobbyist for Catholic emancipation and towards slavery, a supporter of innumerable charities and primary chairman of the Great Southern and Western Railway. He changed into one in every of an era of supremely capable Irish shipping entrepreneurs who managed the transition to steam power on land and water.’
In total, 5 archaeological sites have been observed within the ‘footprint’ of the toll road service location at some stage in the overall archaeological investigations through Transport Infrastructure Ireland in advance of the final touch of the M9 toll road within the Kilcullen place.
An illustrated presentation on the neighborhood findings might be hosted by way of the Old Kilcullen Area Residents Group on Tuesday 20 August, as part of National Heritage Week. The place can be Halverstown NS, and the presentation could be given by using Noel Dunne, Project Archaeologist with TII.
The Halverstown demesne discoveries covered a souterrain, or underground chamber of early medieval date, a late medieval limekiln, and three fulachtai files which might be typically appeared as prehistoric cooking sites, however, can also have functioned as saunas, for wool and disguise processing or even for brewing beer.
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